NOS 2018 artists at Downing Park, Newburgh, NY

NOS 2017 artists - Spring and Liberty Street, Newburgh, NY. Photo taken by drone.

NOS 2016 artists on the roof of Terran Studio, Newburgh, NY

NOS 2015 artists at the Wherehouse, Newburgh, NY

NOS 2014 artists on Broadway, Newburgh, NY

NOS 2013 artists at Downing Avenue, Newburgh, NY

NOS 2012 artists at the Dutch Reformed Church, Newburgh, NY

NOS 2011 artists going for a walk - Newburgh bricks.

Newburgh OPEN Studios

2017 - 2011

"Each year I am excited to photograph the artists that have elected to be part of Newburgh OPEN Studios. Artists of all caliber participate and allow us a peek into their lives and themselves for the purpose of building community.
I feel a responsibility to each individual artist and to the final group photo with everyone that signed up, to capture a meaningful portrait that might provide an insight, a glimpse, of these valuable people that are the resource that is helping to bring quality change.  My wish with the photography is to strengthen our friendships and to be able to share the photos with those outside of our city, to promote good relations and plant the seed of opportunity for those looking for a community."